Blooms of Celebration: Leveraging your children to celebrate Bat or Bar Mitzvah with Jewish Tradition

The ceremony of Bat or Bar Mitzvah is crossing from child to adulthood. When I think back to my own Bat Mitzvah in Fall 1992, I’m immediately engulfed in memories.  I remember my colors fondly as black, purple and silver. My flowers were an exotic blend of pinks, purples and lush green leaves. I choose colors and flowers that fit my aesthetic and passion for the world. When it comes to your own child’s Mitzvah, I want to give them the flowers to celebrate their own uniqueness.

This blog may not solve all your problems, like should you hire a DJ or book a band, but I’m happy to regale you with stories of my party. (I – my parents – hired a DJ).

Whether you’re planning a themed-party,  going traditional, or just want something pretty to look at – here are some of the proposed color trends of 2024. Go trendy, or go with your old scheme, when it comes to this celebration into adulthood, almost anything goes.

Full-bodied. Rich Luxurious, Deep Reds

Like the red color of rooibos tea, a full bodied red imbued with rich and woody notes, this color is on trend to be 🔥🔥🔥 next year. Pair it with other rich, velvety-colored flowers for a gothic victorian theme.

Flowers we recommend:

Calvin Klein-inspired Denim Toned

If you happen to love all things jeans, then Chambray Blue, a brightened denim blue infused with an easy vitality is a great color to be inspired by. Dressed up or down, this color is a classic with a nod to tradition. 

Flowers we recommend:

Pretty in Perennial Pink

From blush to bashful and even Barbie girl pink, this color is always on trend. This yearly favorite color has layers and tones everyone can find a tone to love. Whether you choose a soft ballet slippers pink or a deep and commanding magenta, pink always makes a positive statement. 

Flowers we recommend:

When it comes to Mitzvah flowers, your choices are as diverse as your guest list. We know, everyone is so invited to your kid’s Mitzvah – even us. Whether you choose a trendy theme, follow a color scheme or go sustainable, we can work with you to design an arrangement.. And if your color palette happens to be black, purple or silver, I may have a few extra tips.  🌼🌷🌻

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